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Rank and Upgrading System

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Rank and Upgrading System
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Rank and Hours


Second Officer
Hours Needed: 0-10

First Officer
Hours Needed: 10-50

Hours Needed: 50-150

Senior Captain

Cheif Captain

Note: Once you begin to fly a seniority aircraft, your hours will not determin your rank.  I will promote you if I see you completing a good amount of flights.  As stated in the paragraph across from this one, If you are a Captain for the Boeing 737-700 and you start to fly a seniority aircraft, you will be "bumped down a rank".  However, if you are a First Officer on the 737 and you move up, you will stay at First Officer.

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To request and upgrade in aircraft, type the model in below.  The hiring system goes like this:
When you get hired, you will be assigned to these possible aircraft: The CRJ-200, the E170, or the Boeing 737-700.  If you have a problem with your placement, email me and I'm sure I could re-assign you.
After you have flown that airplane for two weeks (minimum of two hours), you may request an upgrade to:
Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 757-200 (you may still fly your current aircraft)
If you are a captain, and you move up to the 757 or higher, you will move down a rank.  If you are already a First Officer, you will stay at that rank.
The Boeing 747-400, 767-200/-300, and the 777-200 require a bit of seinority.  To fly these aircraft, you must have completed 20+ hours to switch to that aircraft.  Also, you must pass the seniority exam, which you will find on the Seniority Exam page.  On our seniority program, we offer a full range of medium to long haul routes (so you won't have to fly 6+ hour flights all of the time).  For example, if you fly the 767, the shortest route is KSAN to KLAX.  Our longest is New York to London.  If you have any questions on this, don't hesitate to e-mail me.
Also, Vertex has a helicopter program.  We base these choppers out of KSAN (or North Island), KLAX, KORD, and KBOS.  We are launching a patrol and tour sessions.  FSX sessions will be held (with password).  In FSX, we will be flying them from San Diego Intl or North Island Air Force Base (and Aircraft Carrier) and will be visiting different cruise ships.  The textures for the default FS9 copter will probably be on avsim.  If you have any questions on this, email me.
Thank you for following these guidelines!

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