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Bringing Vertex Airways into the future!!!

Ok, If you haven't heard of it before you will!!!.  VAFS is a program that is very similar to an ACARS program.  For each new Vertex account, I will send you an email with the I.D. number I want your account name to be.  Once downloaded and logged in, you can view your current location, see your rank, how many hours you have flown with us, and our complete flight schedule.  To browse through our flights, go to the timetable page.  To fly a flight, go onto VAFS, minmize it, load your flight on Flight Simulator, minimize that, then go to track new flight.  Find the flight you would like to fly and press Fly Flight Number ___.  After that, it will varify that you are at your scheduled departure airport.  Enter your cruise altitude in the box provided.  Then press start flight.  A green screen should pop up saying something like, simulation paused, cannot shutdown engines.  Go back into flight simlulator and unpause it.  The engines should automaticly shut down and a message at the top of the screen will say "VAFS is now checking for engine shutdown.  Get the aircraft ready for departure and get clearances.  Once you start your engines, you will get a message as well as when the wheels leave the ground, when you touchdown at the destination, and when you shutdown the airplane.  When you shutdown at the arrival gate, it should automaticly collapse to the desktop where you will press save flight.  Then go back to the main VAFS page and press upload flights.  Your flight will upload.  That should be it.  If you have any questions, email me.